Monthly Archives: February 2009

Texas Wing Cadet Competition 2009…

TX802 Sheldon Cadets placed second in the 2009 Color Guard Competition and first in the 2009 Drill Team Competition.

Color Guard Results

Congratulations to the Pegasus Squadron for their First Place overall win in the 2009 Texas Wing Color Guard Competition.

Sheldon Color Guard cadets placed first in Standard Drill and Indoor Presentation

• The Female Fleetfoot Award went to C/MSgt Gomez, C

Drill Team Results

Sheldon Drill Team Cadets placed first in In-Ranks Inspecition, Standard Drill, Mile Run, Volleyball, Panel Quiz and Written Exam

• Two Sheldon cadets tied for the high score in Written Exam – C/2Lt Pittman and C/CMSgt Williams

• The Male Fleetfoot Award went to C/ Sierra, J.

• The Female Fleetfoot Award went to C/ Salazar, M.

We wish the Sheldon Drill Team Cadets great success as the move on to the next round of competition. GO BIG!