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The Sheldon Cadet Squadron hosts its largest Camp Curry to date!

The weekend of 11 December 2009 – 13 December 2009….
By C/SSgt Ashley Morgan, Ellington Composite Squadron, TX-098

Many cadets take months to promote, but not the cadets attending the Sheldon Cadet Squadron’s Camp Curry XXX. With hard work and commitment to their tasks to get promoted, the cadets fulfill the requirements to promote in a single weekend. They are also expanding their learning horizons in moral leadership, drill, customs & courtesies, and attention to detail.

On Friday, cadets signed in and were assigned into their respective flights. Loud shouts of “Next!” “Cadet, go to bag check! Move!” and the sounds of a smooth operation were at hand. The cadets then assembled in the gymnasium for evening formation and briefing. They were welcomed and introduced to their commanders and staff. Following formation, all flights filed into the cafeteria for an informative safety briefing by Capt. Applegate and Lt. Col. Levesque. They were told about what to do in the case of a fire, or an intruder in the facility. Upon dismissal, the cadets made arrangements for lights out and prepared for the next day’s challenges to come. 

Saturday’s awakening came early and with great surprise. The cadets, with sleepy eyes and sluggish movements struggled to get themselves up as the flight staff hustled them outside for the morning’s PT tests. All fitness went smoothly and quickly, as cadets each had a turn at sit-ups, push-ups, sit-and-reach, and the mile run. 

The day’s activities continued with classes, rigorous tests, and delicious meals served by the mess cadets and many reliable parents. As a special treat, Saturday’s dinner consisted of the superb chicken and sauces of Chick-Fil-A.

C/Capt. Geary led the group in a PT session that would have consisted of an invigorating 400 jumping jacks, 150 push-ups and 200 sit-ups, had it not been for Capt. Hicks, who paraded into the gym with a dodge ball bag in hand. His appearance almost spelled out “Let the games begin.” Almost all participated in the intense competition, which was almost as popular as the Olympics itself.

Fluorescent yellow dodge balls screamed through the air, while all around cadets were being called out one by one. Adventurous PA’s ran through the stampeding crowd, trying to get decent shots of the history that was unfolding around them.

After the seniors played the final game, all flight staff rounded their still quite excited cadets up to take them back to the barracks. The second day was swiftly drawing to a close.

Sunday morning saw another early rise. Cadets completed the required PT, took drill & ceremonies tests, their Curry or other appropriate exams and completed the tasks they need to get promoted. Cadets then cleaned the facilities, watched a short presentation about the weekend and began out-processing at 1315 hours. In the end over 1100 meals were served, 12 senior members attended and a total of 227 cadets from throughout the state worked on their next promotion.

The following squadrons were represented at this activity:
• 7-6, from Conroe, TX
• Delta, from Spring, TX 
• Ellington, from Ellington AFB, TX
• Marauder, from Kingwood, TX
• Nighthawk, from Denton, TX
• Pegasus, from Austin, TX
• Randolph, from Randolph AFB, TX
• Spindle Top, from Beaumont, TX 
• Thunderbird, from Katy, TX
• Welch, from Houston, TX
• And of course, the hosts, Sheldon.