Monthly Archives: September 2012

Sheldon Leadership Academy


by TX802 Public Affairs Staff
C/CMSGgt Elizabeth Sanchez, NCOIC

On the weekend of 14 Sept 2012 Sheldon Cadet Squadron had our first Squadron Leadership Academy, or SLA. Much like any other CAP activity, the sole purpose of SLA is to train cadets. What distinguishes this activity from the rest, is that SLA strictly trains cadets on how to perform staff jobs for our squadron. For the majority of cadets that attended, SLA will help them transition from being taught to being the one who teaches.

The time has come to worry about your people, instead of yourself and the cadet staff soon learned that. Capt. Gates briefed us all on safety, and his expectations of us; “Lead from the front, be aware, and be accountable,” he said. Cadets arrive at SLA prepared to learn and leave with the knowledge and confidence they need to teach our new cadets. Staff jobs taught included logistics, public affairs, supply, mess, administration, and operations. Topics covered included uniforms, communication, and leadership.

SLA provided great experience and learning opportunities to all of our cadet staff. We hope to have another very successful Squadron Leadership Academy in January of 2013.

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