Monthly Archives: May 2013

TX802 Squadron Boosters Board Election

As per booster club bylaws, an election was held at the April general booster club meeting.  On April 25, 2013 the following officers were elected to serve for the 2013/2014 calendar:

President:  D. Michael Schulin, Jr.

Vice-President:  Elissa Hill

Secretary:  Vacant

Treasurer:  Raymond Hicks

Parliamentarian: LaShonda Jackson-Dean

The new board will seek a volunteer to fulfill the position when the new school year starts.

Additionally, the general membership addressed the proposed amendments to the TX802 Squadron Boosters Bylaws.  The proposals were made at the February 28, 2013 general membership meeting, with a first by member Kelsey Gates and a second by Brenda McNeil.  Notice was then given, in accordance with the booster club bylaws, over 30 days in advance, and published in the same notices distributed regarding the executive board election.  The following amendment changes were proposed and voted on individually:

  • Article 5.1 – change “Sergeant-At-Arms” to “Parliamentarian”
  • Article 9.1 – change “will hold 5 to 9 regular meetings” to “will hold a minimum of four regular meetings”
  • Article 9.3 – insert “or 2/3rd of the member (if the membership is below twenty)”, before “in good standing”

All proposed amendments were accepted unanimously and changes will be made to the booster club bylaws to reflect those changes.

For a copy of the revised bylaws see: