Sheldon Cadet Squadron wins First Place at the 2012 National Cadet Competition!

photo by James Kalemis, Maj, CAP

The Sheldon Cadet Squadron, Texas Wing and Southwest Region, drill team is proud to announce it placed first overall in the 2012 National Cadet Competition of the Civil Air Patrol held at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, June 20-23.

The drill team, all members of the Sheldon Cadet Squadron of Houston, Texas competed against the best-of-the-best from around the nation. The drill team competed against six other drill teams in In-Ranks Inspection, Standard Drill, Innovative Drill, Written Examination, Panel Quiz, Mile Run, and Volleyball. The team earned first place in the Mile Run, Panel Quiz and Innovative Drill, second place in In-Ranks Inspection and third place in Volleyball.

Since 1948, highly skilled and motivated Civil Air Patrol cadets from across America have gathered for National Cadet Drill Competitions. Since 2005, the Sheldon Cadet Squadron has competed four times in NCC and each time it improved going from 6th in 2005, to 5th in 2009, 4th in 2011 and finally national champions in 2012. This is the eighth time the Southwest Region has won a National Cadet Competition, the third time for Texas Wing (and the first since 1975).

The team has been training for the past ten months to earn their spot as the #1 team in the nation. Team members are team commander C/Major Joshua Philips and primary team members: C/Capt Tristan Edwards, C/Capt Daiquon Lucas, C/2Lt Jorge Galvan, C/2Lt Arianna Gonzalez, C/2Lt, Marcus Johnson, C/2Lt, Christian Pena, C/2Lt Chrisabel Rocha, C/2Lt Monica Salazar, C/2Lt Lewis Yarbrough, C/CMSgt Morgan Fletcher, C/CMSgt Elizabeth Sanchez and C/MSgt Anthony Galeano; along with C/MSgt Darion McClinton who served as the team’s alternate. Team sponsors were: Lt. Col James Peace and First Lieutenant Amber Manfredi.

We would like to thank and congratulate our fellow competitors in the drill team and color guard competitions. Our cadets always enjoy meeting new cadets and it was an honor to compete with 115 of our nation’s top cadets.

Written and edited by: Capt Mathis and 2Lt Gates

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