Sheldon Cadet Squadron Camp Curry 32

The weekend of 16 April 2010 – 18 April 2010…

Camp Curry was here and marked its spot. On the weekend of April 16, 2010, Sheldon Cadet Squadron held Camp Curry XXXII. As well known, staff arrives earlier in the activity to have a meeting. As staff broke into their groups, they organize the school into a Civil Air Patrol training facility. Around 1900 hrs. the staff was ready and it was time to let the cadets in. The staff conducted sign in, bag check, escorting and instructions for all cadets which totaled 117 in all (including senior members). An hour later, Capt. Ray Hicks gave a safety briefing and Lt. Colonel Levesque gave a moral leadership briefing on the internal compass and how it is going to get busy at Camp Curry. Flight staff was ready to take off and begin with classes. As soon as it struck 2200 hours, it was time for personal hygiene, where all cadets take showers and go to sleep. While the cadets where asleep, the cadet staff was previewing in the cafeteria of how Camp Curry was going to accomplish its goals for the weekend.

At 0500 hours staff woke up from their deep sleep to attend to the morning staff meeting. At 0530 it was time for the cadets to wake up for their CPFT. The flight staff took their flights down to the gym to conduct push ups, sit and reach, sit ups, and the mile run. In the end, only 18 had to re-take their PT test. Right after a nice workout, the cadets were ready for a nutritious breakfast. After breakfast, all cadets took showers and changed and were ready to train and prepare them for the tests ahead. While some cadets were testing for Leadership or Aerospace, others were using their teamwork training. Afterwards, lunch came and went and the cadets continued their day of testing. Saturday night arrived when the ultimate fun came in. After dinner, the cadets headed off to the big gym and played dodge ball as well as sharks and mines. When the two hours of fun ended, it was time for the cadets to head to bed.

Sunday is finally here. Cadets who needed to re-take the CPFT were sent to the gym after waking up. After breakfast, cadets completed their tests and then sent to their barracks to pack, clean, and do whatever needed to be done before going home.

By: C/MSgt Cepeda, D, C/CMSgt Booker, & C/TSgt Morgan

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