Sheldon Cadet Squadron Camp Curry 31

The weekend of 19 February 2010 – 21 February 2010….

At this CAP activity, we accomplished many great things such as; two of our cadets achieved their Mitchell award. This is an award that is earned through hard work and dedication, this award marks the beginning of a cadet’s commissioned officer career. Also, we had some visitors at this activity, approximately thirty Air Force liaison officers, some were even graduates from the Air Force Academy. All and all, we had a fantastic Camp Curry everything was executed smoothly from the time the activity started to the cadets leaving to go home.

We woke up the cadets at 0500 to do PT, then we formed them up into morning formation, and then proceeded with stretching. After we dealt with that, we began the PT test. After successfully administering the pt test the cadets went on with a long day of instruction. These classes were well prepared by the flight staff and very informative for the cadets. After a long day of instruction the cadets were rewarded with a nice game of dodge ball. But, this is not ordinary dodge ball, this is Capt Hicks dodge ball. In Capt Hicks dodge ball there are two massive teams, after listening to detailed instructions courtesy of Capt Hicks, the teams are unleashed like a pair of relentless hurricanes. This PT is perfect for pre-bedtime; after using all their energy the cadets are tired and ready for bed with no problem.

Sunday morning before leaving the cadets took tests. The cadets successfully finished these tests with the majority of the 105 cadets in attendance passing. Following test taking the cadets cleaned the facilities; we left the school better than we found it. After clean-up the cadets were sent home.

This activity was a great success. The staff was greatly qualified for their assigned duties, and earned the respect of all of the cadets. The support staff was splendid. They managed to stay cool and calm in the face of a challenge. Even though many challenges were thrown their way, the support staff adapted and overcame.

From, TX 802 Public Affairs Department

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